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What we do


CITCEA-UPC is a research and development service provider for innovation projects.

The close collaboration between CITCEA-UPC and companies offers the following benefits:

  • New product development (Research, Prototypes, industrialization…)
  • R+D+i founding management and support
  • Innovative technologies training for professionals and companies
  • Technology transfer to industry

CITCEA-UPC also offers specific services related to enertronics:

  • Modelling and simulation of electrical components (Power electronics, power systems, electrical generators and motors, renewable energy systems, electrical energy storage systems, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) devices, high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology, electrical vehicles, transformers, cables, lines, breakers, etc):
    • Development of detailed models for specific studies and simplified models of the elements for large Systems studies
    • Controller models (Plant controllers, Overall system controllers, Power converter control, FACTS and HVDC controllers …)
  • Analysis of present and future power Systems: Conventional power Systems, Power systems dominated by power electronics, Renewable based power Systems, Islanded and grid connected microgrids, Future concepts and digital grids, HVDC supergrids
  • Grid integration of renewables: Compliance of renewable generation of grid code requirements, Plant controller analysis, Impact of renewables on the power system, Renewable power system studies
  • Analysis and simulation of power systems using several software packages: Power flow, optimal power flow and security constrained optimal power   flow, Dynamic simulation, Compliance to grid code requirements, Fault analysis, Transient stability
  • Development of customer specific design and analysis tools
  • Validation of developed models with field measurements
  • Electrical Markets


CITCEA-UPC develops and implements intelligent machines through integration of different technologies like communications, power electronics and control.

We differentiate from other organizations because our team has deep knowledge of the technology from the conceptual analysis until the physical implementation including semiconductors, cooling systems, control, measurement and test, interfaces and power components. Conceptual design includes schemes, PCB design, integration and assembly and testing. Equipment commissioning is the final step after detailed and strict functional and operative tests and optimization.

A few applications in mechatronics:

  • Power Electronics: Battery chargers ion lithium, NiMH and VRL, BMS battery management systems, resonant and multi-level converters, SIC semiconductors, Converter control with DSP and converters connecters to the electrical network
  • Automation and industrial communications: Communications management and control using and implementing CANopen, PLC, Ethercat, IEC 61850, Motion control systems implementing field bus standard, hardware and software design for high speed data management
  • Digital Control: Digital signal processing and adaptive filtering, high resolution analog digital conversion, No linear and adaptive controllers, multi-variable control and state estimators
  • Electrical machines: Motors, Engines and Generators design, finite elements simulation and analysis, Speed/frequency control and drive, vector control, Direct Torque Control DTC, auto adjustment and control without position sensor


RD15/COMRDI15-1-0009-01 Desenvolupament de components electronics per la mobilitat sostenible

Power electronics


Desenvolupament de components electronics per la mobilitat sostenible

Objectiu principal: OT 1: Promoure el desenvolupament tecnològic, la innovació i una investigació de qualitat

Aquest projecte ha estat cofinançat pel Fons Europeus de DesenvolupamentRegional de la Unió Europea en el marc del Programa operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020 amb un ajut de 319.444,13€

Study of hardware and software features necessary to implement motion control applications


Smarts grids

This project is a study to identify and to state in advance the motion control applications that can be developed with a system consisting in Tecnotrans servodrives and a Motion Controller communicated via CAN bus

Design and development of a resonant serie converter of 200 kW / 10 kHz for induction heating


Wind power

  • Application: Induction heating
  • Maximum Power: 200 kW a 10 kHz
  • Voltage-fed series-resonant inverter
  • isolated output
  • Active matching transformer
  • IGBT technology

Design and development of a series resonant converter of 25kW and 200kHz


Wind power

  • Application: induction heating
  • Power: 25kW to 200 kHz


Enertronics is based on the synergetic combination between power electronics, signal processing and analysis, computer science and control systems for efficient energy/electricity Systems.

Energy systems become smart through the application and integration of power electronics, control and communications combined with electric and energy systems analysis and design.

A few examples in Enertronics:

  • Smart grids: Electric and Energy Systems Operation, Maintenance and planning. Monitoring Systems for advanced strategies in maintenance, quality and safety for energy supply. Energy efficiency, economy, market and regulations
  • Wind Power: Wind turbines technology, wind power energy integration in the network/grid, Wind power marine generation plants, transmission systems for marine power wind and multi-terminal HVDC
  • Solar energy: Solar panels emulators, solar panel design and development and software development to evaluate photovoltaic integration in Low Tension network
  • Micro grids: Communications rule IEC 61850 applied to microgrids, small systems energy generation, Synchronization with distribution network, storage systems management and active systems in island scenarios detection
  • Electric Vehicle: EV Impact analysis in energy network, new business models analysis, bidirectional chargers V2G (vehicle to Grid), etc…


RD15/COMRDI15-1-0043-02 Eines per a la gestionabilitat de les plantes de generació elèctrica amb fonts renovables

Solar energy

RD15/COMRDI15-1-0043-02Eines per a la gestionabilitat de les plantes de generació elèctrica amb fonts renovables

Objectiu principal: OT 1: Promoure el desenvolupament tecnològic, la innovació i una investigació de qualitat

Aquest projecte ha estat cofinançat pel Fons Europeus de Desenvolupament Regional de la Unió Europea en el marc del Programa operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020 amb un ajut de 12.917,25€

Smart Rural Grid

European Commission


The Smart Rural Grid project aims to develop the smart rural grid and explore the best ways to make the transition from the current rural distribution networks to the new using novel smart grid technologies and associated business concepts. The project will reconsider rural network distribution architectures that are currently used and introduce, combine and test an entirely new concept that we have named the Smart Rural Grid. Smart Rural Grid will accommodate telecommunications, control and storage technologies and other systems and devices to revamp existing structures and to ensure a successful inception of the new concept developed in the project.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 619610 Poster_SmartRuralGrid.pdf

Study of the installation of devices FACTS to ensure security on the distribution networks



  • Study of the influence that have devices FACTS in the case of contingencies
  • Avoid saturation on the network problems due to FACTS devices
  • Maximizing energy efficiency network and optimal localization of FACTS devices

Design of electric display for claws of resistance soldering

Wind power

In collaboration with CDEI

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