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Academic program


CITCEA-UPC offers its own training portfolio for companies and professionals according the current economic scenario where change and innovation require a constant effort to maintain the human capital as the most valuable companies and professional asset.


To obtain this degree issued by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya is necessary to have an official or recognized university degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or diploma. Otherwise, Univeritat Politècnica de Catalunya Foundation only awards with a completion certificate.


Acces to My_Tech_Space virtual campus is available for students as an effective work and communication platform between them and lecturers, directors and course coordinators. My_Tech_Space allows students to find background material for teaching sessions, work in teams, ask questions to their lecturers, consult their marks, etc…


Students can access job offers in their specialisation field on My_Tech_Space virtual campus. Applications made from this site will be treated strictly confidential.


All training programs taught by CITCEA-UPC allow companies to benefit from “Fundació Tripartita” bonuses as official training center


All the courses taught by the CITCEA-UPC allow companies to benefit from 'Fundació tripartita' bonuses as they are an official training center. Companies have a credit to finance their employees training, the amount is obtained applying the amount introduced in the previous year in professional training quotes.

More information and contact

  • Anna de Casas Corrales
  • +34 93 401 67 27
Training improves your professional opportunities
Training improves your professional opportunities

Master's degree in mechatronics

Master Degree in Mechatronics provides to engineers traditionally focused on the mechanics the necessary knowledge and tools for the integration between mechanics and electronics. It provides languages, current solutions, computer environments and tools related with electronics industrial control and communications.


  • Integrate electronics, information technologies, computer science and communications in the mechanical developments and equipment.
  • Design and implement the mechatronics systems according product requirements.
  • Automate operation of mechanical systems and their communication with other peripherals and Systems.

Who is it for?

Professionals with the knowledge required to follow it properly and engineers traditionally focused in mechanics.

Visit the website of the master's degree in mechatronics

Master's degree in enertronics

Future power grids will be smart (smarts grids) and will respond to customer's consumption needs by guaranteeing quality of the supply while massively integrating renewable energy and micro-networks. The engineers in charge of designing and managing them will be different from those today. They will have to think IN integrated solutions, based on electrical, electronic and information technologies.

Engineers need and will need to have knowledge in multiple disciplines such as automation, industrial communications, power electronics, electrical machines, information technologies, renewable and conventional energy sources, energy storage, management of demand, the electricity market and energy planning.

For these reasons, this Master program proposes to work all these concepts in a global way but deepening in each technology, from the smallest to greatest system, from bit to megawatt.


  • Provide the ability to plan, develop and implement energy system projects.
  • Achieve the knowledge, methodologies and tools necessary to meet the technological challenges which will be encountered during an energy project implementation
  • Analyze and plan energy systems taking into account technical and economic constraints
  • Automate and control the operation of energy Systems

Who is it for?

Professionals, Engineers and technical engineers with interest in energy systems and enertronics.

Visit the website of the Master's in Enertronics

Other courses

Each professional course is designed to give to current employees a group of specific knowledge based on current issues or/and needs which allow improving performance in daily tasks. These educational actions emphasize their basic practice content, and it encourages students to value each spent minute.

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