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Study of hardware and software features necessary to implement motion control applications


Smarts grids

This project is a study to identify and to state in advance the motion control applications that can be developed with a system consisting in Tecnotrans servodrives and a Motion Controller communicated via CAN bus

Inverter Digital Control for UPS

Smarts grids

Main features:

  • Implementation of controls through DSP (Digital Signal Processors)
  • Study of linear controls
  • Study of non-linear controls. Sliding mode and Fuzzy logic

    Control system with DSP for machine classifying euros from pesetas


    Smarts grids

    This project developed jointly with the CDEI uses low cost sensors and digital technology for the recognition of coins. The system is flexible and can learn to recognize currencies according to customer needs.

    Control system with DSP for brushless motor

    Smarts grids

    In collaboration with CDEI