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School of Engineering of Barcelona
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Read doctoral thesis from year 2011

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Title: Optimization Techniques to Improve Energy Efficiency and to Mitigate Line Overloads
Student: Paola Pezzini Biancheri
Director: Oriol Gomis i Bellmunt i Antoni Sudrià i Andreu
Date: 11/2011
Valoration grade: Excel·lent Cum Laude

Title: Control of power electronic converters for the operation of wind generation systems under grid disturbances
Student: Adrià Junyent Ferre
Director: Dr. Oriol Gomis Bellmunt
Date: 07/2011
Valoration grade: Excel·lent Cum Laude

Title: Reactive Power Dispatch in Wind Power Plants Using Heuristic Optimization Techniques
Student: Marcela Martínez Rojas
Director: Andreas Sumper i Oriol Gomis Bellmunt
Date: 05/2011
Valoration grade: Excel·lent Cum Laude

Title: Aportacions al procés d'electrospinning per a la fabricació de nanofibres ordenades
Student: Maria Hernández Casasús
Director: Samuel Galceran Arellano i Joan Rull Duran
Date: 01/2011

Title: Intelligent Monitoring and Diagnosis of Power Transformers in the Context of an Asset Management Model
Student: Juan Lorenzo Velásquez Contreras
Director: Samuel Galceran Arellano
Date: 01/2011