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Surt a la venda el llibre "Handbook of Power Quality"

Data: 18/03/2008

Ha sortit a la venda el llibre "Handbook of Power Quality" on membres del CITCEA-UPC han col·laborat en la redacció de diversos capítols. A continuació us incloem una breu ressenya del contingut.

"Uses the perspectives of both power suppliers and electricity users, with contributions from experts in all aspects of PQ supplying a vital balance of scientific and practical information on:

  • frequency variations

  • the characteristics of voltage, including dips, fluctuations and flicker

  • the continuity and reliability of electricity supply, its structure, appliances and equipment

  • the relationship of PQ with power systems, distributed generation, and the electricity market

  • the monitoring and cost of poor PQ

  • rational use of energy

  • "

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